How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

How to Have Your Best Year Ever Simply Stephanie Kay
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How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

There’s something so refreshing and exciting about starting a new year. It’s the perfect chance to do a hard reset on your life, visualize your goals and dreams and set yourself up for an amazing & fulfilling year.

All of us want to have a year filled with opportunities, happiness, success and special memories. But how does one have their “best year yet”, exactly? The truth is, it’s all about your mindset, your happiness and how hard you’re willing to put in work. Let’s jump to the good stuff, shall we?

Set Goals

Making a list of goals is a great way to get your thoughts down on to paper. The problem with “New Years Resolutions” lists is that people often don’t dig down deep enough when writing their goals. Goals should be specific and unique to you. No two people should have the same list. EVER.

It’s also important that the goals are realistic, otherwise you’ll start to hold resentment over not being able to check items off your list, which will ultimately lead to you ditching your list. If you can’t swing a trip to Bali, keep that for you bucket list and focus on a trip you can afford this year.

Once your goals are in place, take it a step further and set up a plan of execution for each goal. Don’t just write “I want to lose 30 lbs”, but rather do the research on exactly HOW you will achieve this. What diet or exercise will you do? Set deadline dates on micro goals, such as reaching each set of 10 lbs lost. The plan of action is what makes or breaks the list and your ability to execute it. Do the hard work now and the actual execution will be much easier and more likely to happen.

Avoid Drama

One way to ensure this year is excellent is to try to stay clear of as much drama as possible. Distance yourself from the drama queens or any situations that could potentially turn into an episode of Keeping up With The Kardashians. That’s not to say you should live your life in fear and never go out, but be leery of who you spend your time with and the type of vibe they bring to your life. If you do happen to find yourself roped in to drama, it’s best to just keep your words to yourself and walk away.

Purge & Organize

Getting rid of crap you don’t need will make you feel SO much better, like a weight has been lifted. I love to go through my closet, kitchen, etc. and make piles for the dump and goodwill. The key to successful purging is to not let it pile up over the year, but rather schedule quarterly or monthly purges, then organize whatever is left over. Invest in drawer organizers, labels, even plastic ziploc bags or glass jars. Anything you can do to help your future self find or do something easier is totally worth a little extra elbow grease now. I also find that it helps ease my anxiety and allows me to focus better on the task at hand.

Go On Adventures

Adventures play a huge role in making us feel alive. They ignite something in us that make us curious and full of wonder, providing a nice escape from the monotony in our lives. No matter your definition of the word adventure (exploring a new location, trying a food you’ve never had before, taking a road trip, experiencing a new hobby, etc.) it’s important that you indulge in as many adventures as you can! Your mind and spirit will thank you.

Read More

Reading is amazing, really! Not only does it make for excellent alone time and an escape from the world, but it also has legit benefits as well, such as improved memory and other goodies for your brain. Whether you’re more the fiction type and love a good story, or non fiction type and just want to learn something new, you definitely won’t regret reading more this year.

Complain Less

This is where that whole “change your mindset” thing kicks in. I know it’s so cliche to say “Think of the Glass Half Full, Not Empty” but really, that way of thinking IS best. If you start to see the positives in life and focus less on the negatives you’ll feel that you have way less to complain about. When you complain less you’ll find your existence more fulfilling and happiness easier to find.

Be More Kind

Think back to a time when someone was genuinely kind to you. Not because they were forced to or just being polite, but authentically being kind (without expecting anything in return). Remember how good that felt? Sharing kindness with others is a wonderful way to bring happiness in to our lives, and nobody ever complained about being more happy, right?

Break Out from Comfort Zones

Comfort zones do absolutely nothing but keep us from achieving great things. Once you break free from your comfort zone, although uncomfortable at first, you’ll soon see that it was a necessary step that opens SO many doors. When we stop caring what others think or let go of negative feelings that we aren’t good enough and simply just take the leap and do it, we become unstoppable.

Nurture Your Passion

Life is way too damn short to not spend time doing the thing(s) that makes you feel alive. Set time aside each day, or week, to work on your passion and grow it into something even bigger & better. You’ll be amazed at how fulfilling and joyous it is to allow yourself this pleasure, plus you never know what opportunities and doors it may open up.

Feed Your Mind

Learning and bettering ourselves should be a constant process in our lives. Not only can doing so make you a more well rounded and educated person, but it can also help you develop skills or talents you didn’t know you had, and possibly even uncover a new passion. Not to mention the doors it may open in the work place or financially.

Focus on Health

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget to check in on our mental and physical health. Since these two items are what makes us tick, literally, they should actually come first. Make sure you’re taking adequate time out to focus on your well being and stop putting off any necessary check ups. It’s also important to pencil in adequate time for relaxation and “me time”. When your health isn’t in tact, nothing else in your life will feel balanced.

Be Unapologetically You

One of the greatest gifts in life is that each and every person is unique, making for a colorful and diverse existence. Nobody else can EVER be you and that in and of itself is pretty amazing. Embrace who you are – your flaws, your talents, your skills, your appearance, etc. Never apologize for who you are or what you stand for. Being anybody but yourself makes for a terrible life experience.

Stay Motivated

Motivation can be a tricky thing, as it’s often a moving target. What used to motivate you at one point may no longer motivate you now. The trick is to grow and adapt your source of motivation with the changes in your life. If you find the motivation lacking, work on finding a new source of motivation. The people who stay constantly motivated are the ones who are going to achieve, and likely exceed, their goals.


In today’s day and age we’re WAY too attached to our electronic devices. So much life passes us by when we give too much attention to our electronics. Be sure to set aside time each day, or maybe one whole night a week where you turn your devices off and interact with your loved ones, read a book, work on a craft, take a bath, etc. You will soon start to see the life you’re missing out on when you do this. People won’t be around forever and it’s important to make our time with them meaningful.

I hope this list is helpful to you and that 2018 proves to be a great year for you all! Let me know what your New Years Resolutions are!

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