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Disappointing Drugstore Makeup May 2017

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Disappointing Drugstore Makeup May 2017

Disappointing Drugstore Makeup May 2017 – Simply StephanieKay

There’s nothing worse than getting a new makeup or beauty product you’ve been dying to try, especially one that others have been raving about, only to find it works like crap, at least on you. Products don’t always work for everyone, and it’s ok. Sharing your honest experiences with products can help others with similar skin types or tones steer clear of wasting money on something that may not work well for them either. After all, sharing is caring.

Before we get started on my latest batch of drugstore product nopes, I’d like to note that these are products I personally don’t care for. They either didn’t work well for me, didn’t perform as well as they claimed to, or, in my opinion, aren’t worth the price tag. This does not mean that these products will not work well for someone else, or that you should feel guilty if you like it. I’m simply doing my job and giving an honest opinion of my experiences with these products. We good?

It’s important to note that I have VERY fair combination skin that is both dry and oily, and that my skin type may or may not have altered the performance of these products.

  • DLS Matte Liquid Lipstick
  • I think I received the DLS liquid lip in an Ipsy bag. First and foremost, I think the color just wasnt right for me, so there’s that. I did not care for the formula at all, it was thin yet cracky/cakey looking and just didn’t feel good on the lips.
    It was very drying and accentuated the lines on my lips.

  • NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick
  • Bet you never thought any makeup could be TOO pigmented, huh? Well it can. And man, are these bad. Even after muting them with neutral shades, they were still too bright and clown-esque for my liking. It may have just been the colors I chose, it may have not. Either way, probably not going to buy anymore of these anytime soon.

  • Hard Candy Walk the Line Eyeliner
  • This eyeliner was so supposed to be black, but dried dark grayish. It didn’t last long at all – kind of dry and peel-y. The wand is way too thick to apply a natural looking line.

  • NYX Proof It Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer
  • This wasn’t the worst eyeshadow primer I ever tried, but it wasn’t amazing. I truly don’t feel that it helped my eyeshadow go on anymore smooth nor made it stay on longer. It was honestly just kind of a sticky mess. I’m huge NYX fan but this was a fail, for me.

  • Essence Mascara Trio (Lash Princess False Lash Effect, I Love Extreme Crazy Volume, Get Big Lashes Volume Boost)
  • Mascara is one of my favorite makeup products, I have tried many in my day. This was my first time trying the Essence brand mascaras, and I was not impressed. The color pay off was not good at all, they were supposed to be black but showed up like carbon / dark gray. They were clumpy, hard to apply and made my lashes spider-esque. They honestly just seemed cheap. I wouldn’t repurchase.

  • Milani Conceal + Perfect 2‑in‑1 Foundation
  • People have been going gaga over the Milani 2-in-1 foundation. At the low price point of $10 USD, I had to try it. Unfortunately they don’t carry Milani around my area, so I had to order online. As mentioned above, i’m pretty fair – not porcelain,
    but probably close. This product, in the lightest shade, was like a medium color on my skin. Not only that, but the color didn’t resemble a natural skin tone at all. I will say the formula seems like it might be ok, easy to buff out, but their color choices for these are what baffled me and is keeping my from buying and recommending this product.

  • Morphe Concealer
  • I usually love all things Morphe but these concealers I just can’t get behind.
    The color selections weren’t very natural looking, in my opinion. The coverage was mediocre, not amazing. I also couldn’t get them to blend out very well. To make matters worse it accentuated my fine lines and dry skin.

  • Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
  • This palette is really hyped up and a lot of people rave about it. The shades are absolutely stunning, but the formula just isn’t great. You truly get what you pay for, as it’s your typical run of the mill drugstore eyeshadow – patchy, hard to blend and poor color payoff. It’s a damn shame, I really wanted to like this palette.

  • Crown Brush 26 Color Professional Countouring Palette
  • I found this palette through an Ipsy offer back when I was a subscriber. In theory, it seemed great, as you get a large palette and quite a bit of product for around $20 USD. The colors were sort of lack luster for me, but above all, the shadows were super patchy and hard to blend. Frankly, it just seemed like cheap drugstore makeup. The blush shades were all a little too dark for fair skin. I will be getting rid of this guy.

For a More In Depth Review on These Products, Watch My Video:


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