Disclosure & Privacy

Disclosure & Privacy – What’s The Dealio?

Hey, Babes!

For those of you who may not already know, my name is Stephanie Kay and I’m a beauty blogger! Duh, right? The reason I’ve gathered you all here today is to fill you in on some of the legalities of this whole blogging thing (begin snooze fest in 3-2-1). Well, you see, even in the great land of ‘murica you can’t just go gadding about the interwebs posting whatever you want without some sort of disclaimer, especially when money may be involved. Why you ask? Well, as of December 1, 2009, the FTC required us lovely little bloggers to disclose whenever there could be “hidden interests” or “unspoken biases” related to our recommendations (sentence half stolen from Tim Ferris).

Cool Story, But What Does This Mean?

Basically, what this means is that anytime I’m receiving financial compensation for something, or receive an item for free as part of PR (makeup, lunch, a shirt, etc.) I’m obligated to let you know. Because it would be tedious for me to write 2081081081308 disclaimers on every post, and it would be super annoying for you to have to weed through them all, I’ve decided to use this as my formal disclaimer to the world that I indeed earn a few shillings here and there across my blog.

Now, with that being said, that doesn’t change a damn thing in regards to how I write, or what I write about. Yes, there are ads and affiliate links across my site which I earn a tiny bit of money from, but I’m talking like 10 cents guys, chill. I WILL NEVER positively write about nor promote a product, idea or opinion that I don’t 100% stand behind. Nobody likes a liar or a sell out, and I am far too busy in life to make up fantasy land stories for you all. I am going to tell it like it is. ALWAYS.

So, How Are You Earning Money Then?

Basically, I earn money in the following ways:

  • Ads – You may see a few of those atrocious Google Ads spots floating around my site. Sorry, but I gotta make that scrilla – all 25 cents/mo worth.
  • Affiliate Links – Any link that goes to a product landing page is likely monetized and earning me a few cents, If I’m lucky…
  • Affiliate Codes – Any code listed in my sidebar is an affiliate code that I’ve received from a vendor, in which I receive a small commission from when used. The good news is said code will save YOU some coin, so really that one is a win, win for all!
  • Paid/Sponsored Posts – Yea, no. I don’t do those. I don’t want to force feed you guys anything. I want this blog to remain 100% authentic.
  • Direct Product Sales – As I continue to grow as a blogger, and start to come up with super amazing material, I may start a subscription only section (meaning I have may have a section of in-depth info that is not accessible to the general public, but only to those who pay a subscription fee). Otherwise, I may sell documents with super in-depth information that would truly be worth your time. Cuz mama’s got bills, mmk?

We Good, Bruh?

Basically, because you don’t know me in person, all you have to go off of is my honest word. I hope when you visit my site, it’s truly apparent that I’m ONLY talking about products I love and use, and not pushing anything on you like a greasy used car salesman (no offense if that’s you). I don’t want to be anything less than 100% transparent with you, because in all reality what’s the point? I’m not earning much at all, so I’d rather have an engaged audience than 50 exta cents a week.

Not a Doctor

I am not a health care professional. The statements I make across my blog should NOT be used as a replacement for professional medical advice. Please see your dermatologist or general practitioner with any skin-care & product questions or concerns.

Privacy Statement

Any personal information that you send to me, whether it be your name, email address, etc. is ONLY for my personal use, and nothing else. I will only use this information to send out my subscription newsletter or content you’ve purchased form me. I do not sell, rent or disclose any personal information across my site. I mean, I wouldn’t like if someone did that to me. Golden rule people, golden rule.

In regards to security, I do have quite a few things running in the background of the site (anti-spam, virus checkers, etc.) to ensure both your safety and mine. So, we be aight.

K, Bye!

Well there you have it babes, that’s my spiel on disclaimers and privacy! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to head over to my contact page and ask! Stay beautiful inside & out! 😉